I am a certified Life and Personal Development Coach, Public Speaker, Television Personality, and Mother of Three. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and I’ve logged hundreds of hours of coaching clients to their inner magic.

I specialize in assisting my clients in finding their FLOW. What is FLOW? Flow is when you feel that life is taking you on a magical ride, instead of using effort, it is an effortless approach to your life. When you are in FLOW… you find your partner, your collaborators, your dream job, and your dream life! Every day can be in FLOW but we must learn to be more masterful at allowing for FLOW. I will teach you to become a master at finding and staying in your FLOW! We are all deeply connected and I am here to help you access places you may have forgotten were within you. The outcome of stepping into your FLOW is ALL of your goals, dreams and aspirations will effortlessly FLOW into your life. Get ready… this is a magical ride!

I haven’t always been a master at accessing my FLOW. I have traveled through many highs and lows in my life and often felt I was a passenger on this magical ride. Through coaching and trial and error I have become a Jedi about transforming my own life and the lives of all the incredible souls I get to work with. I am a mother of three and a wife to a successful actor and television personality. This may all seem like the life of leisure, but life is complex, full and sometimes just plain crazy. I want to help as many people as I can to find a return to their deep, wise and authentic self. A life that feels empowered and enlightened and not just along for the ride. I have walked the walk and now I am ready to talk the talk with you. Let’s get this train on the tracks!



Kelley Wolf is a Life and Personal Development Coach with a BS in Psychology from Westminster College and is trained in Transcendental Meditation (TM). Kelley has lived a very dynamic life in her 40 years. Born and raised in Arkansas, she began traveling the world at age fifteen. She left Arkansas to live in Cambridge, UK for a year of high school which laid the seed for a what she calls “burnin’ feet”… the need to go and see the four corners of the world. Kelley, before marriage and after, has lived in over 15 cities around the globe. She is committed to a philanthropic life and has traveled to many impoverished nations to bring aid and care.

Kelley fell in love with the people of Africa when she first visited while filming The Real World (Season 9). Kelley’s inspiration lead to the co-creation of a non-profit organization called “The Chier Foundation” in 2005. Kelley and her partners founded and ran this foundation whose mission was to fund education for Sudanese refugees, commonly referred to as the “Lost Boys of Sudan”. The Foundation completed its mission and was closed in 2015. In 2003 after winning the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Battle of the Seasons, Kelley took her “burnin’ feet” to NYC where she met her future husband, actor Scott Wolf. Kelley and Scott continue to use their platform to assist many programs committed to growing the overall well-being of African nations as well as many initiatives in this beautiful country of ours including work with Feeding America! Kelley has worked and appeared in numerous television and film productions. She is actively working on various television projects to bring coaching to the masses.

Kelley is overjoyed and just plain giddy to be sharing her life with the beautiful, magnetic, and talented Scott Wolf. They have three children, Jackson ‘The Mini Buddha’ Wolf, Miller 'Future World Changer’ Wolf, and Lucy 'The Angel' Wolf. Kelley’s favorite past time is baking yummy things her actor husband is trying to avoid, allowing her kids to get dirty, running naked, and not letting anyone tell them that happiness is not a good goal! If you want to make happiness your goal… click here for more information! FLOW ON!!!



Coming this Fall... Kelley will be hosting a “Meet and Greet” for anyone interested in meeting and chatting about all of these yummy collaborations!!


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